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4 Things to Ask Your Vaginal Tightening Specialist

4 Things to Ask Your Vaginal Tightening Specialist in Temecula Before IntimaLase

If you’ve chosen to undergo vaginal tightening through IntimaLase, then you’ve made a smart choice. Intimalase is the only innovative technology designed to be a non-invasive treatment for vaginal rejuvenation.

Before you have the treatment, you do want to be prepared, though. Below are some questions you should ask your vaginal tightening specialist in Temecula during your consultation.

First, a Little About IntimaLase

As mentioned previously, this is a non-invasive and safe method of vaginal rejuvenation. Your own natural healing process is used to stimulate collagen production for a more youthful vaginal aeshtetic.

It increases natural lubrication, intensifies sensation, and believe it or not, it’s painless!

Now, Let’s Prepare for Your Consultation…First Question, Do I Qualify / Am I a Good Candidate for IntimaLase?

This is the opportunity for you to discuss what you hope to achieve from vaginal tightening, and it allows your provider the chance to explain how you’ll benefit from the treatment.

Share your lifestyle habits like diet and exercise too, because living healthy does improve the outcome.

Should I Be Concerned With Risks?

Advances in technology have made cosmetic enhancements safer than ever before, but this is still a good question to ask. It gives you a chance to weigh the pros against the cons before you proceed.

How Long Will the Procedure Take, and How Should I Prepare?

During your consultation, your vaginal tightening specialist in Temecula will give you whatever instructions you need to prepare for IntimaLase. This type of non-invasive technique doesn’t take very long, typically less than an hour.

What Type of Results Should I Expect?

Most patients do report improvements within a week of treatment, but asking this question based on your specific needs is essential so there are no surprises.

The Best Vaginal Tightening Specialist in Temecula is at A New You Aesthetics!

Here at A New You Aesthetics, we understand that your sexual wellbeing is vitally important and that is why we offer the revolutionary IntimaLase technique.

We want you to feel your absolutely best in every aspect, so we encourage you to call us at 951-972-8911 today to schedule your free consultation. Be sure to ask about our current specials when you call!

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