• Emsculpt

Pricing: $750 per session
*Special package pricing available 

Skip the sweat while simultaneously sculpting your muscle and melting your fat!

  • What can treatments from the Emsculpt do for you?

    The Emsculpt procedure is the easiest way to get a natural, athletic, & stunning look! This groundbreaking device is the proven solution to targeting specific fat pockets that are resistant to gym workouts and diets. The Emsculpt allows you to achieve your dream body while lying down as 20,000 squats or 20,000 involuntary crunches (depending on treatment area) are delivered in just one 30 minute treatment!

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Emsculpt FAQ

  • What Is Emsculpt®?

    Emsculpt® is the world’s first device that uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to deliver thousands of muscle contractions to sculpt muscle and burn fat. Unlike other aesthetic procedures, Emsculpt® is completely non-invasive and painless - making it one of the best ways to achieve an all-natural and ultra-sexy look! Emsculpt® is the solution to getting rid of your stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to change and increasing your bikini body confidence!

  • What Is the Science Behind Emsculpt®?

    Emsculpt® is backed by innovative technology, the most recent scientific advances, and seven clinical trials we know that the Emsculpt® is the treatment of the future! When the body is exposed to supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to change its inner structure which results in muscle building and fat burning. This treatment is revolutionary to the art of body sculpting because it lifts and tones in the right places naturally and gets rid of stubborn body fat that sticks around regardless of what you do! It’s time to tone up those abs and build up that bubble butt!

  • What Do Emsculpt® Treatments Look Like?

    Emsculpt® treatments are quick and easy! In just four 30-minute sessions scheduled 2-3 days apart, you will see results with no downtime! Just lie down and the device will deliver 11,000 involuntary muscle contractions to the treatment area. This paves the way for incredible results that could not naturally be achieved that quickly even for a professional athlete! Although treatments feel odd it is not painful. Most describe the treatment to feel rollercoaster vibration or vacuum sensations.

  • Who Is a Candidate for an Emsculpt® Treatments?

    The Emsculpt® is truly great for anyone who is looking to contour their body naturally without going under the knife! However, the most dramatic results will be seen on patients who are already in fairly good shape (aside from minor problem areas) since the muscle will be closer to the top of the skin. The treatment will be able to more effectively target the muscle and create that definition and tone!

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