Botox for Lower Face

Botox for the Lower Face in Temecula

Using Botox along the lower face is a popular anti-aging technique to address concerns, including softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Skillfully placed Botox can subtly rejuvenate the lips, chin, and jawline, as well as neck for a more youthful look!

Why Choose Botox for Lower Face Rejuvenation?

Smoothing dynamic lines and reducing the appearance of platysmal neck bands  refreshes the lower face. And, it can also help prevent creases over time, including lipstick / smokers lines, for proactive facial rejuvenation and “prejuvenation.”

Botox can be done in as little as 10 minutes at follow-up visits, so you can be in and out quickly. Plus, you never have to take a break from your normal routine, as no downtime is necessary afterward.

What Does Lower Face Botox Feel Like?

Using an ultra-fine needle as well as a topical anesthetic, your injector will take steps to enhance your comfort. Most patients tolerate the quick process very well with little to no pain.

When Will I See Lower Face Botox Results?

Botox results are visible after about three days, once the botulinum toxin protein starts effectively blocking muscle contraction signals. Smoothing of lines, reduction of lip or chin dimpling, and softened jowls occurs the following two weeks after injections.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lower Face Botox?

It’s ideal for men and women who have realistic expectations about the outcome, are in good health, and don’t have any neuromuscular disorders. 

Combining lower-face Botox with other treatments like cheek/jaw fillers can further augment a youthful profile. A reputable injector will properly assess your anatomy, aesthetic goals, and health history to be sure you qualify. 

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Where Is the Best Place to Go For Outstanding Lower Face Botox Results in Temecula?

For remarkably comfortable Botox treatments that refresh your lower face in all the right places, choose A New You Aesthetics! Our injectors have an artistic eye for precision Botox techniques that help patients reveal their most vibrant, confident selves, so call us today at 951-972-8911 to schedule your visit for Botox at just $12 per unit!

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