PRP for Face

Microneedling With PRP for Face in Temecula, California

Does it feel like peels, microdermabrasion, and over-the-counter products just aren’t rejuvenating your face as you want them to?

If you’re looking to amp up the way you treat your skin and get real results, then you want PRP with microneedling, the amazing treatment that can finally give you the skin you’ve been desiring.

Why Choose PRP for Faces?

PRP can regenerate your skin like no other treatment. It treats a variety of skin conditions like acne, large pores, hyperpigmentation, and even sun damage. You notice smoother, tighter, and firmer skin in just one treatment, though you may need one or two additional treatments to achieve the glowing results you really want.

What Does PRP for Faces Feel Like?

PRP for skin comes in a couple of stages. First, your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge. After it separates, your provider takes the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and purifies it. It’s then turned into a completely safe injectable. Your provider takes this customized injectable and meticulously applies it to your skin via microneedling, which is virtually painless!

When Will I See PRP With Microneedling Results?

You may experience some tenderness and redness for about four to five days, but you see results immediately after that. Your results improve for around two to three weeks, and the best part? They last for months.

Am I a Good Candidate for PRP Injections for Skin?

PRP is well tolerated by most people and safe for all skin types and skin tones. So, if you’re tired of looking at things like acne scars and sun damage, are in good health, and are over the age of 18, you’re most likely a perfect candidate for PRP for the skin.

Where Can I Find the Best Microneedling With PRP in Temecula, California?

At A New You Aesthetics, we are highly trained in PRP for skin and hair, including microneedling with platelet-rich plasma and hair rejuvenation.

So, if you have questions or are ready to experience remarkable results for yourself, contact our clinic at 951-972-8911 to request a consultation. Be sure to ask about our current specials on skincare services!

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