Revision Skincare

If we had to design up a true skin care product, it would check all the boxes: be packed with active ingredients; keep skin’s pH and microbiome in good health; be a favorite among cosmetic medical spas; and offer real, visible results.

The products in Revision Skincare’s family meet all of these criteria and it’s one of the fastest-growing professional skin care lines out there.

Not sure where to start adding Revision Skincare’s impressive formulas to your routine?

What Makes Revision Skincare’s Formulas Unique?

In short, it’s all about the technology. While many skin care brands use third-party manufacturers, Revision Skincare owns and operates its own research and development facility in Dallas, Texas with more than 20 scientists developing the future of skin healthcare. The brand pioneered the use of bioavailable peptides, which help combat visible signs of aging, and formulates all of its products with prebiotic technology to harness skin’s natural microbiome.

All of Revision Skincare’s products are formulated to be compatible with one another and are tailored designed with long-term skin health in focus. This means all formulas attempt to mimic the skin’s neutral pH level, and the brand doesn’t use certain ingredients (like denatured alcohol) that can damage skin.

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