Laser Hair Removal in Temecula

Best Laser Hair Removal in Temecula, California

Shaving and waxing might be good enough for removing unwanted hair, but they definitely are not the most efficient methods. These outdated hair removal techniques squander time and money, and who can afford that kind of waste?

Instead, make the smart choice and opt for the best laser hair removal in Temecula, California!

Why Is Laser Hair Removal so Effective?

It is all about technology!

Your skin contains tube-shaped sacs called hair follicles that are responsible for producing hair all over your body. During laser hair removal, or LHR, laser light is attracted to the melanin or pigment contained within these follicles and converts to heat, causing damage or destroying follicles to inhibit future hair growth.

The beautiful thing about LHR is modern technology makes customization a breeze! Your provider can select suitable wavelengths for your specific skin tone and hair type to ensure you get the best possible results without the risk of damage to your skin.

Does LHR Hurt?

Most people liken the sensation to that of a rubber band being snapped on the skin. You might feel a slight sting with each zap of the laser, but the procedure is generally well tolerated. You can request the application of a topical numbing cream if pain is a concern.

Does It Take More Than One Session of the Best Laser Hair Removal in Temecula, California for Great LHR Results?

Yes, it does, and here is why.

Hair growth occurs in four stages:

  • Anagen: Hair follicles actively grow hair.
  • Catagen: Growth slows, and follicles shrink.
  • Telogen: This is a resting phase.
  • Exogen: Hair sheds.

It is during the anagen, or growth, stage that laser hair removal is effective. For this reason, multiple sessions are needed for successful treatment.

Most patients find they benefit from four to six sessions scheduled about six weeks apart. However, the number of LHR treatments you need depends on your desired outcome.

How Soon Can I Expect to See Results? Are They Permanent?

Individual results vary. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a 10% to 25% reduction in hair is possible after the first LHR session. It can take seven to 21 days to notice a change though.

As for longevity, some patients experience permanent results, while others go for months or years without regrowth. Maintenance sessions may be necessary once or twice a year. Any hair that regrows after treatment is typically much thinner and less coarse.

Is a Patch Test Necessary Before LHR?

It is strongly recommended if you are new to laser hair removal. It is a good idea since hair and skin are not the same on all areas of your body. A patch test allows you and your provider to gauge how well you respond to treatment and what adjustments need to be made to the laser for minimal risk and better results.

Is Laser Hair Removal the Right Choice for Me?

Schedule a consultation with a reputable provider to determine eligibility. The best laser hair removal in Temecula, California is a great choice for anyone who wishes to safely remove unwanted hair with a commitment to multiple sessions and adhering to aftercare guidelines.

If you are pregnant, are taking certain medications that cause photosensitivity, and/or you have or have had skin cancer, speak to your provider about alternative hair removal options.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair at A New You Aesthetics!

Our team including Dr. Nalan Narine is proud to offer our patients FDA-approved ICON laser technology for the safest removal of unwanted hair. If you are ready to experience beautifully smooth skin, contact us at 951-972-8911 to book your appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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