Best Lip Filler Results in Sun City CA

Best Lip Filler Results in Sun City, CA

Want the Best Lip Filler Results in Sun City, CA? Follow These 5 Tips to Prevent Bruising

Lip filler is the obvious solution to having fuller lips. What might not be clear is how to handle the side effects like bruising.

By following these pro tips for the best lip filler results in Sun City, CA, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate bruising altogether.

  • Prepare for Your Lip Filler Injections

There are some medications and supplements that can worsen bruising after cosmetic injections like lip filler. At least two weeks before your appointment, you should stop taking OTC meds like Advil and aspirin, as well as supplements like vitamin E and Ginkgo biloba.

If you’re taking prescription meds that may cause bruising, be sure to speak to your doctor before you stop taking them.

  • Stay Away From Alcohol

Hold off on celebrating your new lips at least 24 hours before and after your appointment. Alcohol thins your blood, making bruising more likely. For the best lip filler results in Sun City, CA, put the party on hold for a couple of days.

  • Try Arnica

This is a perennial flower that has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to prevent bruising. Try taking arnica four to five days before your appointment to keep bruising at bay.

  • Keep Ice Packs Handy

Ice packs help during and after your treatment by constricting blood vessels to slow the flow of blood. You’ll likely be given an ice pack from your provider right after treatment, and you’ll want to continue using one when you get home.

  • Skip Vigorous Activities

Lip filler doesn’t require downtime for recovery, so it’s easy to resume your normal daily activity. However, you need to pass on anything strenuous for at least two days after injections.

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