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Best Lip Filler Results in Temecula

Why would you settle for anything less than the best lip filler results in Temecula? When you’re investing in your aesthetic, you want to ensure you not only choose a great injector but that they use the top brands!

The Best Lip Filler Results in Temecula Are Achievable With Juvéderm, With This Brand Offering Choices

Firstly, not all lip fillers are created equal. For example, Juvéderm stands out with its gel-like consistency that is exceptionally smooth. Juvéderm products offer a natural-looking result with a soft and plump feel and include Volbella XC and Ultra XC. So, the right fit for you depends on your reason for getting lip injections.

After Juvéderm, you’ll see an immediate improvement in the shape and size of your lips. Once redness and swelling subside within days, you’ll be thrilled with your enhanced pout.

Most patients only require one treatment to achieve their desired look, and the results typically last between six to 12 months. You may only need ½ a syringe to reach your aesthetic goals!

There Are Other Top Brands Too

There are other great brands to choose from as well, including Restylane and Sculptra. One of these brands may be better suited for your needs. A consultation is key to determining which product is optimal for your unique needs.

What Are the Cost Differences in Lip Filler Brands?

You can expect Juvéderm and Restylane to be competitively priced with each other, as they are both made with hyaluronic acid. Typically, Sculptra is priced a bit higher. This is because it not only works to increase volume but also stimulates collagen production.

Kiss a Natural Look From Lip Filler, “Helloooo!” at A New You

The best lip filler results in Temecula are just a phone call to A New You Aesthetics away! Schedule your appointment with our amazingly skilled injectors today by calling us at 951-972-8911. Juvéderm injectables start at just $450!

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