Botox in Moreno California

Botox in Moreno, California

5 Fun Facts About Botox in Moreno, California

Have you ever wondered when Botox first arrived on the cosmetic scene, or about the real deal with complications from this remarkable treatment?

Then check out these five fun facts about Botox in Moreno, California.

  • Botox Has Been Around for a While

Botox was first FDA approved to treat eye conditions like blepharospasm in 1989, but was approved in 2002 for cosmetic use. Botox is a specially designed neurotoxin that is meant to safely block the communication between your muscles and nerves in order to relax overly tight muscles.

  • It Helps Diminish Dynamic Facial Lines

When you make super dramatic expressions like a furrowed brow or puckered lips, you’re also leaving a small crease in your skin. Over time, these creases become more visible and dynamic. Botox relaxes the muscles that make these intense expressions, which results in reducing and erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Complications With Botox Are Extremely Rare

Botox is one of the safest cosmetic treatments on the market, and complications are almost unheard of. Most people who end up with side effects like a droopy or “frozen” face have received their injections from inexperienced providers who are inexperienced with facial anatomy.

  • Botox in Moreno, California Is for Men, Too

Men are embracing cosmetic treatments worldwide, and “Brotox” is one of the most sought after. You can get rid of those deep wrinkles between your eyes and even smooth a square jaw.

  • Botox Lip Flips Are Better Than Lip Fillers

You know Botox is great for your wrinkles, but did you know it can shape and define your lips as well? It only takes a few injections, and you can see results within days. Your lips look fuller, and smoker’s lines disappear!

A New You Aesthetic Has the Best Botox in Moreno, California!

At a New You Aesthetic, we believe in comprehensive, quality care for every patient.

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