Can I Sleep After Botox, or Do I Need to Wait?

It is no secret that Botox is a popular and powerful ally when it comes to fighting unsightly fine lines and wrinkles. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive.

What you might know are the tips and tricks for getting the best from your treatment. While it’s good to rest after your injections, are you wondering, “Can I sleep after Botox?” Here’s what you should know.

Can You Tell Me How I Need to Prepare for Botox? 

Before Botox injections, your provider will give you full instructions on how to prepare. Some tips to keep in mind include not drinking alcohol or taking anti-inflammatory meds a week before your appointment to keep bruising to a minimum. You’ll also want to arrive at your appointment with clean, makeup-free skin. 

What About Botox Aftercare?

Before we answer, “Can I sleep after Botox,” let’s address some tricks for getting the most from this incredible anti-aging treatment. Wait a day before applying make-up. Use a gentle skin cleanser when you’re ready to clean the treatment area. 

If you’re all about staying healthy and fit, you’ll need to wait four hours before engaging in light exercise and 24 hours before participating in strenuous exercise. 

So, Can I Sleep After Botox?

You do want to give yourself time to rest after your injections. What you do not want to do is lay down. Find yourself a comfy chair, because you must keep your head elevated for at least four hours after Botox

For Incredible Botox Results in Temecula, Choose A New You Aesthetics!

During your Botox consultation, Dr. Nalan Narine will share with you the exciting benefits of Botox and provide you with all the pre and post-treatment instructions you need for the best results. 

Why wait to schedule your appointment? Contact us at 951-972-8911 today, and get ready to love your beautiful, smooth skin and younger-looking appearance!

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