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How Many Botox Units Do I Need in Riverside, California for My Forehead?

Men and women around the world are still choosing cosmetic Botox more than any other non-surgical wrinkle eraser because of its reputation of being safe and effective.

This rejuvenating injectable treatment reduces signs of aging and is sold by the unit. So, do you just need one unit? Multiple? Here’s what you should know about Botox pricing and the number of units you might need.

How Is Botox Priced?

Botox is priced in units, the number of which will vary from person to person since everyone is different. The cost per unit is $10 to $25, but how many Botox units do I need in Riverside, California? Here’s the scoop!

Give Me the Bottom Line – How Many Botox Units Do I Need in Riverside, California?

Allergan, the brand that makes Botox recommends about 20 units total for the forehead, with four units injected into each of five sites. However, many Botox professionals say 10 to 30 units is the norm. So, you can expect to budget $100 to $750 for forehead treatment.

The main thing to know regarding your question about the number of units you need is that only a consultation with a skilled injector will provide you with an answer. The provider will evaluate your current skin condition, health history, and aesthetic goals to determine how many you might need for optimal results.

Keep in mind, they may recommend a lesser amount your first time to see how you respond to Botox. After two weeks, they can inject more if you want to improve your look.

Here’s How to Choose the Right Botox Injector, Because the Number of Units and Your Cost Is Affected by Your Choice

When choosing your provider, it is important to make a good decision so you end up with fabulous results! You want to choose a board-certified physician who is an excellent communicator and listens to your wants and needs for cosmetic injections.

No one wants botched Botox, so be sure to also look for skill and experience. Ask to see a providers before / after pics of their actual clients so you can see if you like their work.

For the Area’s Top Botox Injector, Turn to A New You Aesthetics Medical Spa

Here, Dr. Nalan Narine and our skilled team look forward to helping you restore a more youthful appearance so you feel your best! Call us today at 951-972-8911 to put your best face forward with Botox from A New You!

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