how to fix bad botox

How to Fix Bad Botox in Temecula, California

Let’s face it – Botox is a fantastic anti-aging injectable. However, it initially had a bad rap. Because of this, you may be scared to try it or even wondering how to fix bad Botox in Temecula, California. If so, here’s what you need to know!

What Causes Botox to Look Unnatural or Unflattering?

Botox can sometimes result in an unnatural appearance. This occurs when it is overdone or administered incorrectly. If too much Botox is injected, it can lead to a frozen or expressionless look, where the muscles in the treated area are completely immobilized.

Additionally, Botox can cause asymmetry or an imbalanced facial appearance if it is not properly distributed or if it affects unintended muscles. 

Here’s How to Fix Bad Botox in Temecula, California (and Prevent It to Begin With)

If you’re unhappy with Botox results, there are limited options for fixing it.

Firstly, you should enlist the expertise of a board-certified medical professional who specializes in botulinum toxin injections. They have the techniques and skills needed to craft fantastic results and correct undesired ones.

Secondly, after consulting with a reputable injector, you can explore correction options like carefully injecting more Botox to balance the current effects.

Botox cannot be reversed or dissolved. Some studies show copper can help. However, it’s still unclear if supplements or topicals are best for this.

Choosing a skilled injector for the initial treatment helps ensure you have a natural Botox look.

Get It Right the First Try With Naturally Flattering Botox Services at A New You Aesthetics!

Whether you’re new to this beloved injectable or wondering how to fix bad Botox in Temecula, California, Dr. Nalan Narine is here to help! Reach us at 951-972-8911 to book your consultation and learn more about how amazing your results can be when you choose Dr. Narine!

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