How to Get Remarkable Results From Lip Laser Plumping Near Me

How to Get Remarkable Results From Lip Laser Plumping Near Me

There’s nothing that makes a face look young and fresh like full lips. But, maybe you weren’t born with the perfect pout or growing older has made your lips thinner.

Lip implants are old school and you’re just not ready for cosmetic injections. You’ve heard of laser treatment, but don’t know a thing about it. So, what is it, and how can I get lip laser plumping near me?

Why Are My Lips Thin, Anyway?

There are usually only two reasons your lips are thin: genetics and aging. If thin lips run in your family, you shouldn’t be surprised if you have thin lips, too.

On the other hand, we lose everything we need to keep our lips full and plump as we age. Especially collagen, which is vital to a youthful-looking appearance.

Give Me the Scoop On Lip Laser Treatment

If you’re not ready for dermal fillers to treat thin lips, then lip laser plumping is a great option. It’s a quick and virtually pain-free process and requires no downtime. Lip laser treatments not only boost collagen production, but treat the fine lines around your mouth, define your lip line, and improve shine and color.

What About Results with Lip Laser Plumping Near Me?

Your results are instant and last for about two week before you need to return for another treatment. It only takes a few sessions, spaced two weeks apart to experience long-lasting results.

Get the Perfect Pout With A New You Aesthetic!

Are you tired of looking at thin, dull lips in all your selfies? Spend just a few minutes with A New You Aesthetic and look at big, beautiful, and bright lips for weeks.

Contact our Temecula medical spa today at 951-972-8911 to schedule an appointment for lip laser plumping near me with the revolutionary Dynamic laser system.

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