Want Vaginal Tightening in Palm Springs California?

Want Vaginal Tightening in Palm Springs, California?

For Vaginal Tightening in Palm Springs, California, You Need IntimaLase!

Many women don’t realize that a loose vagina is a myth. Vaginas are miraculous in that they are built to bounce back! However, all women experience changes in skin laxity in the area after childbirth and as they age.

Elasticity and weakened vaginal walls can be a problem, and for help, it’s smart to turn to a specialist for vaginal tightening in Palm Springs, California for feminine rejuvenation.

What Is Vaginal Tightening, and How Can It  Help Me?

Tightening the vagina means using a specific technique to improve function and muscle tone. The benefits are many, including fixing problems such as vaginal atrophy, vaginal laxity, sexual dysfunction, painful intercourse, and incontinence.

I’ve Heard of IntimaLase for Feminine Rejuvenation. Can You Tell Me More About It?

IntimaLase is a revolutionary treatment that is both safe and effective. It uses a laser that applies heat directly to vaginal tissue. This causes a restorative response from your body to produce collagen within the vaginal walls. This then causes the vaginal canal to tighten and natural lubrication to be restored.

Is IntimaLase Vaginal Tightening Painful?

Would you be surprised to find out that it’s painless, and many women actually relax during treatment? You’ll feel a warming sensation and a little pressure, but there should be zero pain.

How Many Treatments Are Needed to Get the Full Benefits?

A vaginal tightening specialist in Palm Springs, California will usually recommend you get two treatments for maximum results. Sessions typically last just 10 to 20 minutes each!

What About Recovery? How Long Does It Take?

There is no downtime needed for recovery. You’ll likely be advised to avoid sexual intercourse for a couple of weeks. At the end of four to six weeks, you should experience the final results.

Looking for the Best Vaginal Tightening in Palm Springs, California Treatment? Congratulations, Your Search is Over!

Your sexual health is important. It’s also important you look and feel your best.

Dr. Nalan Narine here at A New You Aesthetics offers the latest technology along with top-quality personal care to make sure you get the best possible results from vaginal tightening. For more information, please give us a call today at 951-972-8911 to book your free consultation!

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