Are Lip Lasers Better Than Lip Fillers?

Are Lip Lasers Better Than Lip Fillers?

You want a more perfect pout without the risks associated with cosmetic surgery. Luckily, you’ve got options when it comes to lip filling treatments that don’t require implants.

Two of your best options are laser treatments and dermal filler injections for lips. Both can give you the plumper, softer, smoother, more kissable lips you desire. So, are lip lasers better than lip fillers? The answer to this question depends on you!

Lip Lasers and Lip Fillers Both Deliver Sensational Results!

Both treatments are a non-invasive way to get a fuller, more youthful look to your lips. There are differences that will help you make your decision however, as each one has their own unique benefits.

Here Are the Differences Between the Two Options to Help You Decide Which Is Better for You.

Lip lasers offer more subtle results which take time to achieve. As the laser stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, it may take up to six months before you see the fuller, smoother lips you desire. However, it is a more natural process and the results are long lasting.

With lip injections, results are immediately visible and you can see improvement from the filler before leaving your appointment. But, you may need injections once or twice a year to maintain your amazing results. Lip fillers are more affordable than laser depending on the brand of injectable you choose and how many treatment sessions of each you need. Restylane Kysse is an excellent lip filler option.

So, Are Lip Lasers Better Than Lip Fillers for the Results You Desire?

The best way to find out is with a consultation with a nonsurgical cosmetic services specialist, who can review your aesthetic goals, assess the current state of your lips, and determine how to achieve the results you want.

Are lip lasers better than lip fillers for you? Let us help you decide! Here at A New You, board-certified Dr. Nalan Narine offers professional aesthetic consultations to help you choose the right lip plumping option for you. Call us today at 951-972-8911 or book an appointment online to book yours, and get ready for a perfect pucker with lip filler!

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