Choosing the Right Lip Filler

Choosing the Right Lip Filler

Choosing the Right Lip Filler Is as Easy as THIS, According to the Best Lip Injector in Riverside, California

In this modern age, consumers are spoiled with choice. That’s no different when it comes to lip fillers.

While differences are slight, they’re certainly there, and you’re not sure how to choose the best one for you. According to the best lip injector in Riverside, California, here are three tips for choosing the right cosmetic injection for you.

  • Consider Longevity

This is a big one for many patients. You want the most out of your lip filler and to enjoy its benefits for a long time. Each filler, even within the same brand, carries different durations. Juvéderm Volbella lasts the longest, up to an astonishing 18 months. You can expect a similar timeframe with the Juvéderm Ultra XC, at nine months to a year.

Restylane-L tends to be the most temporary, perfect for those who want to experiment, clocking out at six to nine months.

  • Difference In Efficacy

All variants work quickly, although Restylane takes a few days longer to work. The biggest difference is what each product can achieve.

Volbella is fantastic for softening and smoothing lip lines above, on, and below the lips. Ultra XC, however, should be your go-to when seeking to plump the lips for that perfect pout. Restylane-L is almost a combination, enhancing and defining the lips while providing subtle volume.

  • Weigh the Cost

Cost is as important as longevity. It, of course, varies patient-to-patient. You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $600 per Restylane injection and around $600 for Juvéderm.

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