Laser Lip Plumping Near Me

What’s the Scoop on Laser Lip Plumping Near Me? [Temecula, California]

Whether you were born with naturally thin lips, or they’ve lost their plumpness over time, laser lip plumping is the best solution to help you attain a perfect pucker.

Never heard of laser lip plumping near me before? Here are key details about what you need to know about this sensational procedure to provide superbly defined lips.

First Thing’s First, What Even Is Laser Lip Plumping?

Similar to dermal filler injections for lips, laser lip plumping helps boost collagen production so that you have a fuller kisser. It happens by applying pulses of laser light to the lip area. You may feel a pinch, or like a rubber band is being snapped on your lip, but this is only a temporary feeling during treatment.

How Long Does the Voluminous Look From Laser Lip Plumping Near Me Last?

Results typically last about five weeks, and additional treatments can be used as touch ups. Many people see results after only one treatment, although it is recommended to have multiple sessions to gachievet the look you desire. Treatments should be spaced four to six weeks apart to avoid over plumping.

Are There Side Effects of This Technique?

There is very little risk involved, and it is a very safe treatment. Afterward, you may feel like your lips are dry and peeling. This is due to the heat from the laser, but this can be easily solved by using a gentle moisturizer on the treated area and it should only last a couple of days.

Are You Ready to Experience the Best Laser Lip Plumping in Temecula?

Now that you know more about laser lip plumping near me, there’s only one thing left to do to ensure you have a great experience from it – book laser treatment with us! Contact A New You Aesthetics today at 951-972-8911 to book a consultation with the top laser expert around for non-surgical Dynamis lip plumping.

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