Should I Get Lip Fillers in Riverside

Should I Get Lip Fillers in Riverside, California?

If you are starting to notice that your lips are not as plump as they were before, or that they are starting to fall at the corners, you may be in need of dermal fillers for lips.

Also called lip fillers, in Riverside, California, this cosmetic treatment can help you gain back your confident smile!

So, How Do Lip Fillers Work to Perfectly Plump and Define My Pucker?

The body naturally produces collagen and elastin, which keeps the skin plump and firm. As we age, the production of these key ingredients for youthfulness slows, and volume is lost. Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), which helps to stimulate the body’s collagen production. Once the filler is injected, it immediately gets to work.

How Long Do Lip Fillers in Riverside, California Actually Last?

As with any cosmetic treatment, lip fillers last differently for every patient. The length will depend on how much of the filler you have injected and other factors such as how fast you metabolize HA. Typically, lip injections last between six months to three years. Once you notice results diminishing, you can have a follow-up injection so you never lose that gorgeous grin.

What Should I Expect After Injections?

After treatment, your lips might be sore and swollen, but this is normal. The injection site might also be red and have a little bit of bruising, which is also normal. These mild symptoms are temporary and will go away on their own.

Yes, You Should Glamorize Your Smile With Lip Fillers From the Cosmetic Injection Specialists at A New You!

Thinning, sagging lips can really put a damper on things when all you want to do is smile, but fillers for lips are the perfect solution. Lip fillers in Riverside, California from our expert, Dr. Nalan Narine can help restore your confidence and allow you to once again show off your gorgeous grin.

Contact us today at 951-972-8911 to schedule your consultation for a lip filler today!

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