Longest Lasting Lip Fillers in Temecula

Longest Lasting Lip Fillers in Temecula

Want bold, pouty lips? Filler is the best non-surgical option to achieve luscious lips. It can be subtle or drastic, and the longest lasting lip fillers in Temecula offer an improved look for a year or longer! 

What Can Lip Filler Do For You?

Lip fillers augment the size of the lips, drawing attention to this area in a flattering way. They can also correct the deflated look that occurs as we age, as well as address fine lines and wrinkles around the area. Additionally, lip asymmetry can be resolved through the use of fillers.

The Mechanism Behind the Magic – How Do the Longest Lasting Lip Fillers in Temecula Do What They Do?

Lip fillers replace lost volume to plump the area and help reduce lines. The most common active ingredient in fillers, hyaluronic acid (HA), does this by attracting water and trapping it beneath the skin for a look of fullness. Top brands like Juvéderm and Restylane offer different products specifically designed to target aesthetic concerns of the lips.

Other longest-lasting lip fillers in Temecula, known as biostimulators, maintain their results through increased collagen. Biostimulator fillers like Radiesse increase fibroblasts to boost your natural collagen production for results that last up to 15 months or longer.

What Is the Best Approach to Treatment?

Patients often come into the office asking for an immediate, dramatic change. But they don’t always like the results. It’s best to start small, make subtle alterations, and then move forward until you’ve developed a look you want to maintain. Once you’ve achieved that, switch to a longer-lasting filler.

You’ll Find Voluptuous Lips and Affordable Prices at A New You Aesthetics!

Dr. Narine and team have spent years perfecting the art of cosmetic lip injections. We can sculpt the perfectly shaped lips you desire at amazing prices!

Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 951-972-8911! Let us help you choose the right product for you to achieve the longest-lasting results.

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