Diastasis Recti Emsculpt

What Is Diastasis Recti and Can Emsculpt Help?

All women that have given birth understand the process it takes in order to get your body back to its pre-pregnant state. Some women spend countless hours in the gym, while others decide to go and get surgery to get back their slimmer figure.

Those that choose neither of those options can usually still find themselves getting back to a smaller size shortly after pregnancy. Some women, however still look as though they are pregnant several months or even years after giving birth.

Although they may just chalk it up to having some excess weight because of the baby, in actuality, those women may have a condition called Diastasis Recti.

So what exactly is Diastasis Recti? During a pregnancy the muscles of the abdomen weaken, which enables the stomach to stretch. Normally the abdomen will strengthen and return back to normal shortly after pregnancy.

Typically, it takes about eight weeks for the stomach muscles to shrink back down and for your stomach to flatten. With Diastasis Recti however those muscles don’t shrink back down and it can look as though a woman is still pregnant.

How Can I Tell if I Have Diastasis Recti?

For those that are worried that they have Diastasis Recti you can actually check for yourself in a few easy steps. The first thing you want to do is lay flat on your back. Once in that position bend both knees while having your feet flat on the floor.

From there, simply exhale and lift both your head and shoulders off the floor then take one hand and place it behind your head for support. Take your fingers and press them on to your abdomen area. In other words you should be essentially in a position as if you were about to do crunches.

Normally in this position if you place your fingers on your stomach you will feel that your midsection is firm. If however you feel a gap that is roughly the size of at least two fingers then you may have Diastasis Recti.

What Can I do About Diastasis Recti?

One of the best and newest ways to rid yourself of Diastasis Recti is by completing a series of Emsculpt treatments.

Along with improving muscle tone and burning fat, Emsculpt is a revolutionary treatment that can also be used to help treat Diastasis Recti.

Emsculpt, which is the latest body contouring treatment offered at A New You Aesthetics in Temecula, California, offers the first non-surgical method for improving this condition which typically affects women after pregnancy.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Emsculpt in Temecula, California and seeing if it would be a beneficial treatment for Diastasis Recti, please contact Dr. Nalan Narine and A New You Aesthetics to schedule your consultation today.

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