Laser Hair Removal

5 Things to Know About Laser Hair Removal Near Me

The thought of dealing with razor burn and unsightly ingrown hairs this summer has prompted many women and men to search for laser hair removal near me.

If you can relate, continue reading for 5 things you need to know before getting started with laser hair removal.

Looking for Laser Hair Removal Near Me? 5 Things You Need to Know Before Your First Treatment

1. How Laser Hair Removal Works

During laser hair removal, a hand-held device emits concentrated beams of light that are absorbed by melanin in hair follicles. As the energy is converted to heat, it irreversibly damages the follicle and prevents future regrowth.

2. What Treatment Feels Like

If you’re searching laser hair removal near me, you likely want to know what the treatment actually feels like.

Thanks to technological advancements, including built-in cooling mechanisms, most patients find laser hair removal to be a quick and virtually painless process. Some liken LHR pulses to a light snapping sensation that is over before you know it.

3. How Many Sessions You Will Need

In most cases, a series of six-to-eight laser hair removal treatments, spaced six-to-eight weeks apart, is recommended for optimal hair reduction.

4. When You Should Shave Before Your LHR Treatment

Prior to undergoing laser hair removal, you must shave the targeted area or areas 24 hours in advance. Doing so, creates a clear pathway for the laser and avoids burns and unwanted side effects.

5. When You Can Expect to See Results

One of the key advantages of laser hair removal is that it produces visible hair reduction after the first treatment! You can start to see results within seven-to-21 days, and hair growth will be finer, sparser, and slower.

Request a Consult for Laser Hair Removal Near Me

If you are interested in laser hair removal near me, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.

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