Botox Brow Lift

Everything You Need to Know About a Botox Brow Lift

Have your brows started to droop or become heavy? Do you have deep frown lines that make you appear angry or unfriendly?

Would you like to elevate the position of your brows to look younger and more vibrant?

If you answered yes, then it may be time to consider a Botox Brow Lift.

Not only is this injectable treatment an effective non-surgical solution, it can take years off of your appearance in a matter of minutes.

Continue reading for everything you need to know about a Botox Brow Lift.

What Is a Botox Brow Lift?

A Botox Brow Lift is a non-surgical treatment designed to smooth frown lines and elevate brows to a more youthful position. The procedure is performed in an office setting, without incisions or anesthesia, and takes just 15-20 minutes.

During treatment, a series of Botox injections are precisely administered between the eyebrows and to the ends of eyebrows. Patients may feel a slight pricking sensation, but most report that the process is quick and relatively painless.

How Does a Botox Brow Lift Work?

A Botox Brow Lift temporarily weakens orbicularis oculi and the corrugator muscles, which are known to pull brows down.

Once these muscles are relaxed, frontalis muscles in the forehead are able to pull them up and elevate the brows, without any opposition.

As a result, eyes look more open, and individuals appear refreshed and well-rested.

Who’s a Good Candidate for This Non-Surgical Alternative?

A Botox Brow Lift is an excellent option for women and men who are concerned about saggy or heavy brows and have been unable to achieve desired effects with skincare products.

It is also well-suited to patients who want to rejuvenate their eyes, but are unable or unwilling to have surgery.

What Kind of Results Can Patients Expect from a Botox Brow Lift?

Within five-to-seven days of a Botox Brow Lift, patients will note that their frown lines are smoother and that their brow height has been elevated.

Results can continue to improve for up to a month and typically last for three-to-four months.

In order to maintain Botox Brow Lift benefits, patients will need to undergo injections several times a year.

Learn More About a Botox Brow Lift

If you are considering a Botox Brow Lift, please call our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented injectors.

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