Free Virtual Consultations Available

Free Virtual Consultations Available

Until recently, patients had to take time out of their busy lives to visit their doctor’s office for a consultation or follow-up appointment.

Thanks the technological advancements, many patients now have the opportunity to schedule free virtual consultations and meet with providers remotely.

Continue reading to learn all about virtual appointments, including what patients can expect from their visit.

Now Offering Free Virtual Consultations

To better serve the needs of our patients, we are now offering free virtual consultations, which are conducted in real-time.

Not only do virtual visits provide an opportunity to discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals, they also limit physical contact and observe shelter-in-place orders to keep everyone safe.

What Is a Virtual Visit?

A virtual visit is a component of telehealth that uses technology to deliver healthcare services remotely.

During a virtual appointment, patients and providers communicate via a video-conference that offers audio and visual capabilities. This allows participants to hear and see each other and have a discussion in real-time.

Virtual consultations can be conducted from any location, using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other devices.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Consultations?

Free virtual consultations offer a number of unique benefits.

To start, they bring healthcare services directly to the patient. This is in stark contrast to traditional visits that require the individual to travel to a provider’s office for an appointment.

The ability to maintain physical distance is especially valuable given the current coronavirus crisis.

Virtual visits enable patients to participate in consults, follow-up visits, and routine appointments from the comfort of their own homes. Doing so, avoids crowded waiting rooms and limits exposure to the virus.

In addition, virtual consultations increase patients’ access to qualified specialists and make it easier to obtain a second opinion when necessary.

Free Virtual Consultations Available! Call to Schedule

If you are considering a cosmetic treatment and would like to learn more about the procedures we offer, please call our office today to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Nalan Narine.

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