How Do I Find the Best Filler Injector Near Me?

How Do I Find the Best Filler Injector Near Me?

In the hands of a highly skilled and experienced injector, fillers are considered a safe treatment with minimal risk.

That being said, dermal fillers are a medical procedure and can result in serious complications when performed by an unqualified or unethical provider.

Just ask Carol Bryan. Her story of fillers gone wrong was featured in Women’s Health Magazine.

Continue reading to learn the dangers of bad fillers as well as how to find the best filler injector near me.

What Happens When Fillers Go Wrong?

Carol Bryan told Women’s Health Magazine that at the age of 47, she decided to undergo dermal fillers to address volume loss in her forehead and cheekbones.

Not knowing that certain fillers are meant to be injected in certain parts of the face, she trusted her doctor to inject the appropriate product in the right area.

She later came to find out that he mixed silicone and another product in a syringe and injected it into her forehead.

Within three months of undergoing treatment, her forehead became so hardened and disfigured that she had to undergo several reconstructive surgeries to repair the damage.

Carol also lost sight in one of her eyes, as a part of the hardened product became dislodged, pressed on the optic nerve, and cut off blood flow.

While her surgeries were ultimately successful, she says that she never wants anyone else to go through this.

How Do I Find the Best Filler Injector Near Me?

While rare and extreme, Carol’s story demonstrates why patients must carefully research providers and insist on an injector with impeccable credentials.

If you are considering injectables, you may be wondering – How do I find the best filler injector near me?

To start, ensure that the provider has specialized training in dermal fillers and routinely performs injections.

It’s also a good idea to read online reviews and patient testimonials and assess before and after photos of the injector’s work.

You should also research the different types of FDA-approved dermal fillers and how each product should be used.

Finally, prior to treatment, be sure you know exactly what is being injected and where. If you have doubts about the product’s authenticity, ask to see the packaging. If you’re still not convinced after that, listen to your gut and leave if necessary.

Looking for the Best Filler Injector Near Me?

If you are looking for the best filler injector near me, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented injectors.

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