How Much Is Liposuction Near Me?

How Much Is Liposuction Near Me?

There are few cosmetic procedures more commonly sought out than fat reduction procedures. Those that possess stubborn fat that is unimpacted by a healthy and active lifestyle often consider these types of procedures, with the most common being liposuction

Prior to the development of tumescent liposuction, patients were most concerned about blood loss. It has since been determined, however, that this technique almost completely eliminates this risk, which provides patients with a safe, effective, and comfortable fat reduction treatment. In addition, this process also requires little to no recovery time. 


There a few benefits to tumescent liposuction. One benefit, for example, is that the process requires no general anesthesia and little downtime. In addition, the treatment results in little bruising and swelling as well as little post-op pain and discomfort. 


During the procedure, a large amount of fluid containing lidocaine and epinephrine are injected into the stubborn and unwanted fat. Due to the use of epinephrine, which essentially constricts blood vessels, there is a minimal amount of blood lost during the procedure. Epinephrine also helps when it comes to reducing post-op bleeding, swelling, and pain. 

The lidocaine, meanwhile, is used given that it’s a long-lasting local anesthetic. This eliminates the need for general anesthesia and results in a quicker and easier recovery. 

In addition, only small incisions are made so there is no need for stitches or any type of prolonged healing time. Because of that, patients can expect to return to normal activities at a quicker rate than if they had undergone a more invasive procedure. 


The results of this procedure are considered to be permanent given that once the fat cells are removed, they do not grow back. Typically, the patient’s new figure maintains over time. Even if he or she were to gain weight after the treatment, for example, the fat would spread more evenly over the body than it previously did. 

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