Under Eye Filler

Yes, You Can Get Filler Under the Eye

Nobody wants that droopy, “haven’t slept in days” look.

So naturally filler has become the top treatment to combat that pesky aging process from making an impression under our eyes.

Is Eye Filler the Best Choice for Concerns Around the Eyes?

Unfortunately, filler can’t reverse those heavy dark circles under the eyes (usually caused by vascular issues) but they can erase the sort of hollow half-moons hanging out there.

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, out of New York, says filler can tighten up the area between the eyes and upper cheek.

“With age, the under-eye area separates from the cheek, giving a hollow appearance.” Dr. Zeichner explained. He also mentioned genetics can cause the effect in younger people all the same.

Alas, good news: “Filler is a great option for people who lack volume under the eyes.”

What Filler Do Doctors Recommend?

Another New York dermatologist Robert Anolik, MD, couldn’t say enough good things about hyaluronic acid fillers.

Dr. Anolik cited HA’s natural effect, especially under the eyes, as opposed to other filler that is more likely to become visibly clumpy through the surface.

Any Risks to Be Concerned About?

Such a delicate area is going to be challenging to work on. If the injection isn’t deep enough, a blue discoloring can develop.

Dr. Zeichner added, “the area is particularly prone to bruising which makes sense when you think how common black eyes are after trauma.”

Is Under Eye Filler Painful?

No more than a thin needle can be. Luckily, numbing cream is available—generally applied half-an-hour before the injection.

How Long Does the Filler Last?

Dr. Anolik says HA fillers can last as long as a year. Occasional touch ups are required because an experienced dermatologist knows too much in one application can result in some aesthetically unpleasing outcomes.

“There is a careful balance of maintaining just the right amount,” Dr. Anolik said.

Is It Expensive?

Most treatments will require one syringe of HA. These can run between $500 to $1,500 a pop.

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