Vaginal Rejuvenation in Riverside California

Vaginal Rejuvenation in Riverside, California

2 Things You Should Know About IntimaLase Vaginal Rejuvenation in Riverside, California

Have you heard about IntimaLase vaginal rejuvenation in Riverside, California yet? As more women feel comfortable opening up about sexual concerns, especially as they age, treatments like vaginal rejuvenation are becoming increasingly popular.

And for good reason! There are so many benefits to treatments such as IntimaLase, which can help restore youth to vaginal areas, not only in appearance, but in sensation and natural lubrication.

Gone are the days when women had to suffer from vaginal atrophy, lack of natural lube production, and laxity! Here’s what you should know about the revolutionary IntimaLase, laser feminine rejuvenation.

  • IntimaLase Restores Intimacy Without Being Invasive

It’s a 10-minute laser procedure that doesn’t require surgery or even downtime afterward. There’s no need to be self-conscious about an invasive procedure with IntimaLase by Fotona. With this patient-friendly procedure, you’re in and out of the office in less time than your annual exam.

IntimaLase doesn’t require uncomfortable surgical tools, nor do you need downtime afterward. You can get back to your normal routine right away, and you can even be intimate again as soon as you feel ready after this painless procedure!

  • This Technique for Vaginal Rejuvenation in Riverside, California Increases Sexual Pleasure

Once your tissues are tightened and rejuvenated, sexual activity will not only be comfortable again, but you will notice an increase in sensation. And who doesn’t want to feel more satisfied when it comes to their sex life?!

If you’re tired of sexual activity feeling like a chore due to reduced pleasure and / or lubrication, pain or discomfort, or simply not feeling sexy due to vaginal concerns, it’s time to talk to a specialist about IntimaLase. Call us today at 951-972-8911 or book a consultation online now to learn more about how you can turn back the clock and rejuvenate after childbirth or aging with IntimaLase vaginal rejuvenation in Riverside, California.

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