Lip Laser Treatment in Temecula

Lip Laser Treatment in Temecula

Can I Get the Perfect Cupid’s Bow With Lip Laser Treatment in Temecula?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to improve the shape and fullness of your lips without implants or cosmetic injections! If you want the look of fuller, impeccably shaped lips, you need to know about laser lip plumping.

Non-invasive lip laser treatment in Temecula treatment provides you with a more natural look than other lip augmentation methods, as it stimulates your body’s natural collagen production.

Lip Laser Treatment in Temecula Precisely Plumps and Shapes the Lips for a Smooth, Youthful Look!

You can easily overcome thinning, sagging, aging lips with laser treatments. The upper and lower borders of your lips can be dramatically improved to restore, or create for the first time ever, a more youthful appearance.

Laser Lip Plumping Is a Quick, Pain-Free Experience!

While you may feel a warm, slight pinching sensation, the procedure is relatively comfortable as the pulsed laser begins working to upgrade your smacker. You’ll be in and out of the office in about 15 minutes or less, making it the perfect lunch break cosmetic procedure.

Your Remarkable Results After Laser Lip Rejuvenation Are Long Lasting!

Results from lip laser treatments do take time to appear, as your body continues to produce more collagen in the area. Over the following four to six months after laser lip enhancement, you’ll notice subtle changes as your lips slowly start to increase in volume and become smoother. Since lip lasers increase collagen in the lips, your results will last longer than with dermal filler cosmetic injections.

Born With Thin Lips? Overcome Genetics With Lip Laser Plumping Treatment!

Lip thickness is genetic, but there’s no need to suffer from your parents’ thin lips anymore! Call us today at 951-972-8911 or book a consultation for lip laser treatment in Temecula from the experts at A New You Aesthetics. Let us help you perfectly shape your pucker, for kissably full lips anytime, all the time!

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