Longer Lasting Botox

How to Make Botox Last Longer in Temecula

3 Tips on How to Make Botox Last Longer in Temecula

When you invest into something as important as your appearance, you want to be sure to get the most for your money from cosmetic treatments.

To help stretch your Botox dollars and make it longer in between maintenance injections, follow these tips on how to make Botox last longer in Temecula from the area’s top local injector, Dr. Nalan Narine.

  • Protect Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays

We’re all aware of the dangers of the sun such as skin cancer. But, you may not know that the sun’s rays can also age you faster, making your Botox less effective. Be sure to wear a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen whenever going outdoors.

  • Follow a Daily Skincare Routine With the Right Products

Ask your injection specialist about the best brands to use for your skin type. Be sure to use collagen-stimulating skincare products that also contain antioxidants and hydrating solutions.

  • Reduce Your Stress

How to make Botox last longer in Temecula? Incorporate stress-reducing activities such as yoga and meditation into your lifestyle. This tip is simple though not always easy. Stress often appears in worry lines on the forehead or brow area. So, it’s essential to keep wrinkles from facial expressions to a minimum to help prolong your Botox results.

For More Tips on How to Make Botox Last Longer in Temecula, Contact Dr. Narine at A New You!

Of course, the best way to ensure you have lasting, sensational results from Botox injections is to choose the best cosmetic injector specialist! Choosing the right doctor makes sure you receive the best quality product and that the Botox goes exactly where it’s intended to work.

Call us today at 951-972-8911 or book a consultation online now for Botox treatments by skilled Botox injector, Dr. Narine, so that next time you look in the mirror, you love the way you look!

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