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Do These 4 Things for Natural Looking Botox in Menifee, California

Frozen Botox face is – thankfully – mostly a thing of the past. If you’re considering this anti-aging treatment, you’re likely wondering what causes this phenomenon and, more importantly, how to avoid it.

It’s actually easier than you think. Keep reading to find out how to get natural looking Botox in Menifee, California!

First Things First – What Is Botox, and How Does It Work?

Cosmetic Botox is an injectable that is most often used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and on the forehead. It also has additional uses you may not be aware of, including the treatment of a gummy smile and elimination of neck bands or cords.

What makes this neuromodulator so popular is the unique way it works to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, which are the direct result of muscle activity, like when you smile or frown. Over time, expressing emotions creates lines on your face. But, you shouldn’t have to ditch your emotions just for smooth skin.

Botox temporarily deactivates muscle movement while still maintaining natural looking facial expressions. This disabling of your muscles simply smooths out your skin and can even prevent new lines from forming.

What Causes Some People’s Botox to Look So Unnatural?

Natural looking results are actually the default when it comes to Botox procedures. That dreaded frozen face that gets talked about so often on the news or social media is blown out of proportion and not what most people experience.

Still, it is a possibility, especially if you seek services from an unlicensed provider who lacks training and skill.

Seeking help from an injector like this can result in over or under-injected Botox, uneven injections, or improper placement into your muscles. All of this creates an uncanny valley effect that makes it look like your face and emotions aren’t quite playing for the same team.

Can Bad Botox Results Be Fixed?

Yes and no. If you have received botched Botox, you have two options: let it fade on its own or see if a more qualified injector is able to help you. There is no antidote that dissolves neurotoxic injections though, unlike hyaluronic acid fillers where they can be dissolved.

If the muscles aren’t already over-injected or completely frozen, a doctor or nurse who is experienced with cosmetic Botox may be able to counteract the effects by placing injections into other muscles in the area. A good example of this is if you have a drooping brow, a Botox brow lift can undo some of it.

If your less-than-ideal results aren’t able to be reversed, don’t fret. The effects typically wear off within two months if it’s your first Botox experience, though it can take up to six months.

How Can I Make Sure That My Botox Looks as Natural as Possible?

Whether you want to try Botox again or this is your very first time, these four tips can be implemented into your experience for truly natural looking Botox in Menifee, California.

  • Choose an Experienced Injector

As you’re already aware, bad Botox is the direct result of a bad injector. So, how exactly do you find a doctor, nurse, or other provider for anti-aging injectables?

Start there: choose a medical practitioner for these treatments. Don’t visit a hair salon, don’t trust your local nail technician, and definitely do not go to a “Botox party.” The injector you visit should be board certified, fully licensed, and have plenty of experience administering neurotoxic injections.

  • Have a Thorough Consultation First

Communication is key. A green flag when it comes to a good provider is one who wants to communicate with you and have a comprehensive consultation. During this initial visit, they should be attentive to your goals with Botox, assess your features, and create a custom treatment plan that actually works for you.

This personalized plan takes your distinct features and aesthetic goals into account, acknowledging that this anti-aging treatment isn’t one size fits all.

  • Ask for a Lower Number of Units

You can always add more, but you can’t take away when it comes to this anti-aging injectable. During your appointment, ask to start with a lower dosage of Botox than what is recommended. A worthwhile provider will plan to take it slow and easy before you even ask.

If it’s applicable, you can even request baby Botox, which is a technique that uses the lowest number of units possible while still producing wrinkle-reducing effects.

  • Reassess Your Results When It’s Time

Because it takes a few days to see the effects of your injections, you may have to book a second appointment and receive additional units if you want a stronger effect. It’s better to do that than be trapped with intense, face-freezing results that you really don’t like.

So, if you’ve given it 10 to 14 days to see the full effects and find that there just isn’t enough wrinkle reduction for your tastes, go back in, reassess your Botox situation, and add a little bit more if your injector recommends it. Slow and steady wins the race if you want results that are subtle and effective.

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