Longer Lasting Botox in SoCal

3 Sensational Tips to Longer Lasting Botox in SoCal

Want Botox to keep your fine lines and wrinkles at bay for a longer period of time? Of course you do! Maximizing your Botox to extend its longevity not only saves you money but time as well.

For longer lasting Botox in SoCal, so you can go longer in between injections for more free time and spending money, check out these great tips!

Here Are Our Top 4 Tips to Longer Lasting Botox in SoCal

    • Seek a Skilled Injector: You wouldn’t choose a computer programmer to do your taxes, so don’t choose anyone but a licensed medical professional to do your Botox. A doctor has undergone extensive training in anatomy, so they better understand how to provide safer, more accurate and effective Botox injections.
    • Stay Out of the Sun: It can be tempting to bare your skin for a tan, but be sure that your face is never left unprotected from harmful UV rays. Apply a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection and has an SPF of 30 or higher if you plan to bask in sun rays. Even better if you use moisturizers and other collagen-promoting skincare products that contain sunscreen!
    • Make Your Move: You can help evenly distribute Botox around the treated area by moving your facial muscles. But be careful not to use your hands to do so, only engage your facial muscles themselves. Avoid massaging your face within the first 48 hours after treatment to help prolong your Botox results.

To Help Extend Botox Longevity, Choose Dr. Nalan Narine at A New You

Here at A New You, aesthetic consultant Dr. Narine holds a medical degree, so you can trust he provides safe, longer lasting Botox in SoCal. Call us today at 951-972-8911 or contact us online now to book Botox with Dr. Narine, so you can be sure your results outlast your expectations!

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