How to Find the Best Liposuction Doctor

How to Find the Best Liposuction Doctor

The best liposuction doctor is necessary to provide a safe procedure with the results you are looking for.

However, finding a liposuction surgeon who has the best training, who is highly skilled in their field and who is ethical requires some research.

In fact, it is important to note that not every cosmetic surgeon has the training and experience necessary to perform a quality liposuction procedure.

Below are some tips to help you look for the right surgeon for you.

Safety Precautions

There are a lot of differing opinions surrounding the “safe” number of liposuction that a patient can undergo in one day.

However, most surgeons believe that the maximum volume accumulates to less than four liters. Ask your potential surgeon about their safety threshold and make sure it falls below four liters.


You want to work with a surgeon who is certified in a surgical specialty and who is well trained to perform this complicated procedure.

Avoid the Hype

Don’t let any medical marketing try to convince you that a certain surgical specialty is better equipped to perform liposuction.

There is no data to support these claims and it is likely a marketing strategy to try and mislead potential patients.

Schedule a Consultation

It is very important that you schedule a consultation with a potential surgeon.

This is a great way to get a feel for the office, the staff, and the physician him/herself in order to gauge your compatibility level.

Always avoid an arrogant surgeon who claims to be the best, you want to work with someone who will be focused on you and your needs and not their ego.

Read Reviews

Once you have narrowed down your search, be sure to read online reviews and check in on the overall patient satisfaction rating for your surgeon.

Where to Find the Best Liposuction Doctor

If you are considering liposuction and want to meet with a doctor with extensive experience performing this complicated procedure, call Dr. Nalan Narine at A New You Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation, (951)972-8911.

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